Rt.9 Pedestrian Safety

Please read the following carefully and if you have any questions call the Office of Safety and Security(telephone 845-471-1822,or x2282.


The New York State Vehicle and Traffic (V & T) Law has been implemented to provide for the safe use of the highways by all our residents and visitors including motorists and PEDESTRIANS. Both Motorists and PEDESTRIANS who fail to obey the V & T law, risk not only injury or death but could also receive a traffic ticket. Just as a person who fails to stop at a red light can receive a summons, a PEDESTRIAN can also receive a summons for (a) failure to obey a traffic signal that prohibits them from crossing until the signal light indicates that it is safe to do so; and (b) crossing a roadway in violation of posted signs prohibiting such crossing.

The State Traffic Law regarding PEDESTRIANS who cross at crosswalks regulated by Traffic Lights requires pedestrians to obey the traffic signals when using crosswalks at intersections controlled by traffic lights. It is a violation of the State Traffic Law for a person to cross when a "don't walk" signal is displayed and the person can receive a traffic summons (ticket) from the police. This violation is commonly known as "jaywalking."

It is also unlawful for PEDESTRIANS to walk on the roadway when sidewalks are provided.

PEDESTRIANS at uncontrolled crosswalks (no traffic light) are not permitted to suddenly leave the curb so that it is impractical for a motorist to stop.

  • Receiving a ticket for "jaywalking" requires the violator to attend a court hearing and if found guilty can result in a fine, possibly as high as $100.00 or other sanctions.
  • Students who receive two or more summonses from the Town Police and/ or citations from Marist Security in a semester may be placed on disciplinary probation.


MOTORISTS are required to obey all traffic laws.
The V & T Law requires MOTORISTS to exercise due care to avoid collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists using the roadways. When no traffic control device (traffic light) is in place at a crosswalk, MOTORISTS are required to yield the right of way to a pedestrian within the crosswalk.


The Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department enforces the laws in regard to both MOTORISTS (speeding, no turn on red, etc) and PEDESTRIANS (crossing when the don't walk indicator is displayed or not crossing at intersections). Marist Security staff will also monitor pedestrian activity at the crosswalks. When stopped on campus by Marist Security, students are required to identify themselves and/or present valid ID.

Thank you for your continued commitment to campus safety.