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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Prof. William Van Ornum

Full Professor, Psychology
Senior Faculty Member, SBS

Office Location: Dyson 375

Phone: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2968

Email: William.VanOrnum@Marist.edu

Degrees Held

PhD in Clinical Psychology, Loyola University of Chicago, 1981.


NYS Licensed Psychologist


Currently I teach Exceptional Children, Measurement and Evaluation, and Abnormal Psychology.

My major research interest now is as Project Lead in a grant involving the American Mental Health Foundation and Pearson Assessments. In effect, it will be a downward extension of IQ tetsts so that persons with mild to pround intellectual disability can receive intensive neuropsychological/cognitve assessments. This will help in planning and assisting neurologists in conditions such as pre-Alzheimer's and Alzheimers, assessment of strokes, tumors, and other brain insults on functioing, and as a baseline to see improvement  or deterioration.

The working title is Kobler Cognitve and Neuropsychological Test, which I have named after my mentor in graduate school.

I also support undergraduate research and have sponsored many undergrads at regional and national conference.


I have interdisicplinary interests, see some of my articles and blogs at

America Magazine


Awards and Honors

SBS Teaching Commendation for Research with Students, 2012

Induction, Knights of Malta 2010

SBS Teacher of the Year, 2008

Marist College Teacher of the Year 2005

Marist Library Award for Outstanding Research

Literary Award Catholic Press Association 1997

Vice President's Award for Outstanding Research  1994

Literary Award Catholic Press Association 1994

Editorship, Continuum Counseling Series, 1987-1994


*Acquisitions Editor and General Editor, Crossroad Publishing Company, NYC, 1987-1994. Oversaw development of 25 books in Crossroad Counseling Series

*Research and Development Consultant, American Mental Health Foundation, Brooklyn, NY. 2008 to 2013. Develop book program including noteworthy classical an current books.

Books written:

Van Ornum, W., & Mordock, J. M. Crisis Counseling with Children Adolescents. NY: Continuum, 1983.

Van Ornum, W., & Van Ornum, M. Talking to Children About  Nuclear War. NY: Continuum, 1984.

Ronch, J. M., Van Ornum, W., & Stillwell, N. The Counseling Sourcebook. NY: Crossroad, 1994.

Van Ornum, W. A Thousand Frightening Fantasies: Understanding and Treatment of Scrupulosity/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Introduction by John Cardin O'Connor. NY: Crossroad, 1997.

Van Ornum, W., Dunlap, L., & Shore, M. F. Psychological Testing Across the Lifespan. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall, 2008.

Research Interests

Neuropsychological assessment

Intellectual disabilities (aka develop disabilities, mental retardation)


LBGTQI issues


Fellow of APA Division 37 Youth Programs


I enjoy cycling, white-water fly fishing, hiking in the Catskills, and of course--reading and teaching.