V.  Build a More Diverse and International College Community.

    Initiatives – General
  1. Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the campus climate, using the results to ensure that we are a receptive and inviting community that promotes equity and access for all individuals.
  2. Implement diversity initiatives based on research of best practices across the industry.
  3. Initiatives – Students
  4. Increase the diversity of the student population across all parameters, including racial/ethnic, geographic, gender, socioeconomic, religious, and other characteristics.
  5. Develop a comprehensive funding strategy, including grant opportunities, to provide more financial aid to students in need.
  6. Enhance programs and support services for underrepresented and international students.
  7. Increase the number of students studying abroad across all areas of the globe, especially in non-Western locations.
  8. Increase the number of international students studying at Marist.
  9. Initiatives – Workforce
  10. Implement a focused recruitment plan to address areas of underrepresentation and increase the diversity of the workforce.
  11. Develop and implement a diversity outreach program to recruit and attract minority candidates for faculty and administrative employment opportunities at the College.
  12. Continue to expand the role of the Diversity Council, including its sponsorship of programs that emphasize and celebrate diversity at the College.
  13. Develop and deliver a comprehensive training program for faculty and staff that promotes the understanding and value of diversity.