The Marist Community

Suspended or Unrecognized Groups

The Office of Student Conduct & Greek Affairs would like to advise all students and parents/guardians that there are some groups that attempt to function as a Greek organization but are not recognized by the College.  We discourage students from attending events or affiliating with these unrecognized or suspended groups:

  • Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) - Unrecognized by Marist College
  • Alpha Phi Delta (APD) - Unrecognized by Marist College

If you are approached by or have knowledge of groups not regonized by the college but are recruiting or holding meetings please notify the Office of Student Conduct & Greek Affairs at 845-575-3514.  Marist College does not advise or control the actions of these groups and has notified their headquarters or leadership that they may not associate themselves with Marist College and are not recognized by the college.