Mission & Goals

The Campus / Community Coalition was established to address high-risk drinking and its harmful effects on students at local college campuses and in the community. The Coalition is part of a national effort to reduce alcohol consumption among college students.

The goals of the Coalition are to:

  • Reduce rates of high-risk drinking among College students
  • Reduce the second-hand effects of high-risk drinking experienced by students and community members
  • Improve the quality of academic and social life for all students
  • Enhance the relationship between area colleges and their neighboring communities

To achieve these goals the Coalition is engaged in on-going efforts designed to develop an environment which encourages responsible decisions about alcohol consumption on campus and in the community. These efforts include:

  • Heightening awareness among students of the level of binge drinking on campus, as well as the consequences and long-term effects of this behavior
  • Working with college administration, student groups, and cultural organizations in the community to offer alcohol-free entertainment
  • Building partnerships with local government officials, community leaders, and bar and restaurant owners to develop community-based solutions
  • Advocating changes to campus alcohol policies and city and state alcohol-related laws to support an environment of responsible drinking
  • Monitoring and promoting enforcement of alcohol-related policies and laws