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Welcome Week

Welcome Week at Marist College

Welcome Week helps new students connect to the people, programs and possibilities that make Marist a community. This year's Welcome Week will begin on move-in day, August 26th.

It is a Marist tradition to hand new students a Welcome Week Passport during check-in on Opening Day. Passports list all Welcome Week activities and provide  information to help new students navigate their early days on campus. Passport events provide important information and fun and memorable moments for students to meet students, faculty and staff.

Students are expected to carry their Passports with them at all times during their first week so they can receive stickers at the various mandatory and optional events. At the conclusion of the program, students enter completed Passports into a prize drawing. A sampling of prizes includes free books for a semester, gift cards, tea with President Yellen, and more.

  Welcome Week  |  Passport  |  Event Descriptions  |  Checklist and FAQs  |  Mandatory Title IX Training  |  Transfer Orientation