With over 1000 student members, Campus Ministry is the largest student group at Marist. Each month year level meetings are held for presentations, announcements and fellowship.

community meetings

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  • ARISE (formerly Campus Christian Fellowship)

    Evangelical Christian students meet weekly for praise, Bible Study and fellowship. Wednesday evenings.

  • Catholic Connections

    Students seeking to increase their knowledge, awareness and experiences of Catholic traditions, teachings and practices meet twice a month (every other Wednesday at 9:30pm) for discussion and fellowship.

  • Jewish Hillel

    Jewish students meet weekly to plan activities and build community. Thursdays at 9:15pm.

  • Orthodox Christian Group

    Students from the various Orthodox traditions meet for shared study and fellowship. 


    Protestant students from the mainline traditions gather each week for song, prayer, study and fellowship. Meets Sundays at 8:00-9:00pm in Byrne House.

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  • Chapel

    Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel is open daily for quiet prayer from 7:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M. The Inter-faith prayer room, for the use by the Marist Community, is adjacent to the Main Chapel.

  • Catholic Services

    Mass Schedule:
    Sunday at 12 noon and 7:00 P.M. Monday through Thursday at 12:05 P.M.

    Sacrament of Reconciliation:
    Celebrated regularly throughout the year. Our resident priest is available at any time for a student who would like to celebrate Reconciliation.

    Sacramental Preparation (R.C.I.A.):
    This program is for any student interested in investigating the way of life, beliefs and rituals of the Catholic Church, with a view towards being baptized Catholic or completing the Sacraments of Initiation: Eucharist/Confirmation.

    Liturgical Ministries:
    Students are encouraged to participate in any of our Liturgical Ministries, including serving as Eucharistic Ministers, lectors and Greeters.

    Liturgical Choir:
    The Choir facilitates the sung prayer at the Sunday Evening Mass. Musicians are always welcome. The Choir is open to all students, faculty and staff. Rehearsal is held for one hour in the Chapel before 7pm mass on Sundays. Join us! 

  • Other Christian Services

    Christian Prayer and Worship is held weekly in the two student groups: QUEST (for Protestants in the mainline traditions) and ARISE (formerly Campus Christian Fellowship). In addition, there are occasional inter-denominational services held on campus. A schedule of local worship services is available from the Campus Ministry office.

  • Jewish Services

    A Hannukah Celebration is held in the fall. Transportation is provided to services for the High Holy Days. The Seder Meal is celebrated on campus each spring.

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The Marist College Retreat Program offers Retreats throughout the year for all students. They are organized and run by trained Student Retreat Leaders. 

  • First-Year Overnight Retreat

    This Retreat is offered to all First-Year Students. It is a overnight program which gives students a chance to meet other classmates while sharing on topics such as adjusting to college and making room for God. This Retreat is held at the Mariapolis in Hyde Park, NY.

  • Other Retreat Opportunities

    Outdoor retreats, topical retreats, and other retreats are offered throughout the year (Yoga, Cooking, Women's, Men's, Buddhist, etc). The various groups within Campus Ministry offer Retreats each year. These include: the Catholic Student Retreat, QUEST (Protestant) Retreat, Men's Retreat and the Women's Spirituality Group Retreat.

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  • Inter-Faith Sharing Group

    This student led discussion group meets periodically to talk about common concerns involving faith and values.

  • Women's Spirit Group

    Each week two Women's Spirituality Groups are held: one for First Year Students the other for sophomores, juniors and seniors. These groups offer an opportunity for women to gather in an experience of women's spirituality. 

  • Men's Spirit Group

    Men's Groups meet each week for conversations on topics selected by the group. These topics might include: spirituality, personal identity, relationships and transitions into college. .

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Marist College has a great tradition of service to others. The following programs are offered to all students:

  • Weekly Service

    Students volunteer time each week serve in local schools and social agencies. Click here for more information.

  • Special Projects

    For students who are interested and able to occasionally serve those in need. Projects include: working with those who are homeless, collecting food for local food pantries, participating in the annual Heart Walk. 

ServiceDay 12
Above: Marist students and staff participate in the 2012 Marist Day of Service

  • City Plunge

    This weekend experience provides an opportunity for students to live and work as a community in cooperation with an inner-city organization. A variety of service opportunities are available and meals are shared with those living in the temporary shelter. 

City Plunge 2013

Above: City Plunge 2012 participants stock a food pantry shelf in Lawrence, MA

  • Global Outreach

    This weeklong service immersion provides students the opportunity to experience living and learning while offering service in another culture. For more information contact Campus Minister Michelle Khawam.

Middle school visit

Above: Global Outreach 2013 students visit with students at a local middle school in Mérida, Mexico

  • Glenmary Farm, TN Service Trip

This week long service retreat trip is new to Marist Campus Ministry for the Spring of 2016. The trip will be held during Senior Week and open to Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. Please check for more information or email Michelle Khawam

  • Hunger Awareness Month

    November is Hunger Awareness Month at Marist. The goal of the program is to raise consciousness to the needs of those who are poor locally, nationally and internationally; and to raise money to help fight hunger. Activities include: Run/Walk for Hunger, Buck Hunger Days, and a Hunger Awareness Meal.


Above: Student leaders proudly display a banner at the main gate of campus during Hunger Walk 2012

  • Giving Tree Project

    Each December the Marist community, through its various clubs, organizations, offices and individual efforts provides over 25 families in need with holiday gifts.


Above: Giving Tree Mass 2012, with all the gifts around the altar

  • Post-Graduate Volunteer Opportunities

    Seniors are encouraged to give a year of service after graduation. Many programs provide housing, a stipend and loan deferral allowing graduates to serve those in need both in the USA and abroad.

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