Cadet Profiles

Nick Garner

Nick Garner


Hometown: LaGrangeville, NY
Major: Criminal Justice
Interests:  Hiking, running, baseball, cars, and travel

Why did you decide to join ROTC? "I decided to join ROTC because I have always had the desire to serve in the military since I was very young. I have had many influences from family and friends that opened my eyes to the idea of serving. ROTC was clearly the best route for me, as it allows me to complete my college education and commission as an officer in the US Army upon graduation, giving me the incredible opportunity to serve my country in the highest capacity possible!"

What have you learned so far? "One of the most important things that I’ve learned is that you peers are your greatest resource. They are your classmates, friends, and fellow cadets (and eventually soldiers) who have spent time in the field with you, trained with you, and are always willing to help you. Everyone in the Army is in it together, so seek to learn from your peers, work with them to succeed and you will benefit! ROTC has, without a doubt, shown me that what you put into something is what you get out of it, you can do the bare minimum or work to improve yourself every day, it’s your choice!"

What branch are you most intersted in? "Although I am a freshman and have a long way until anything is decided, I am most interested in infantry, field artillery, and armor." 

What would you tell someone considering ROTC? "ROTC might seem like it’s stressful, time consuming, and hard, but ROTC is also a program where you get out what you put in. Regardless of how difficult it might seem, ROTC prepares cadets to become leaders who will have a direct impact on many people's’ lives. So challenge yourself, be all you can be, and you will find success!"

Angus Dickinson

Angus Dickinson


Hometown: Manhattan, NY
Major: Finance and Economics
Interests: Outdoors, staying active, sailing, traveling, experiencing new things

Why did you decide to join ROTC? "For a long time I knew I was interested in the military. I originally had the idea of joining the service academy, but later found that I wanted to attend a regular civilian college. I ended up at Marist, and met ROTC Cadets at the activities fair. being able to attend school as a regular college student all the while getting the training necessary to become an officer seemed like the perfect match for me."

What have you learned so far? "I've learned to push myself physically and support others in trying to surpass our own limitations. In military lab, I have learned how to use tools like a compass, map, and land navigation. I have also learned military tactics in our Military Science class, like writing an operational order, setting up a patrol base, the different leadership styles, and most importantly: what it's like to be a apart of a team of people who support and push each other to go beyond expectations and be the best people we can be."

What branch are you most interested in and why? "As I am still only a sophomore, and MS2, I still have a little time to narrow down my options, but thus far I have had interest in branches such as: Military Police, Field Artillery, Military Intelligence and Engineers."

What would you tell someone considering ROTC? "The best advice I could give someone considering ROTC is to give it your best shot. If you are truly considering the Army or the miltary as a future, then ROTC is an excellent way to get a tast of that life and what some of your future responsiblities will look like. If you don't like it and dis-enroll, then no harm no foul, but if this is the life for you, you are one step closer to becoming an officer."

David Wallace

David Wallace


Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY
Major: Communications with a concentration in PR and advertising
Interests: Hunting, fishing, lifting, America

Why did you decide to join ROTC? "I decided to join ROTC to become to become a leader of leaders. The United States Military is the greatest fighting force in the world and I have always looked up to those who have served. That being said, those who lead the best are the best. I want to become my the type of person I’ve always looked up to."

What have you learned so far? "I’ve learned to always give my 100% in everything I do, and then some. Whether it be studying an extra hour on an all-nighter or staying after PT to lift or run, it pays off in the end. Every cadet wants a 4.0 GPA, a perfect score on the PT test, or the cool summer training opportunity. Raise your hand. Ask questions when you don’t know the answer. Get one more rep in when it hurts. Embrace the suck! Volunteer for EVERYTHING. I’ve learned that by giving it your 110% in ROTC, it will all come back to you at the end."

What branch are you most interested in? "I’m most interested in the branch of Armor. More specifically, I would like to be a Cavalry Officer. Some of my best mentors have taken this path and it’s one that I am eager to follow."

What would you tell someone considering ROTC "Do it. ROTC will help you find the best version of YOU. I can confidently say that after many ups and downs and after learning from my peers and mentors in the program, I have become a better person. You can’t do it all on your own, you need people helping you along the way. I am thankful for ROTC and the Army because I’m on my way to become the best version of myself and hopefully I will have the same effect on someone else one day."

Henry Borum

Henry Borum


Hometown LaGrangeville, NY
Major History, Criminal Justice Minor
Interests Videogames, Movies, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Why did you decide to join ROTC? "I learned about ROTC after my older brother decided to join. Once I learned more about it from him and others, it seemed like the perfect fit for me. Serving in the military has been one of my lifelong aspirations, and to be able to accomplish that while earning a college degree is a great opportunity."

 What have you learned so far? "Besides the individual lessons ROTC teaches, overall I have learned how important it is to be unselfish. If you are looking out for yourseelf at the expense of others, then you are doing yourself and those around you a disservice. Fostering an environment of teamwork and comradery is essential to overcoming a wide variety of challenges that would be impossible if we faced them alone."

What branch are you most interested in and why? "I have been assessed into the Air Defense Artillery branch in the Active Duty component. I am very excited to be entering what I have considered my first branch choice for a long time."

What would you tell someone considering ROTC? "You get out what you put into it. There is a big difference who does the minimum, and someone who invests all they can in themselves while taking advantage of all the opportunities that become available to them. If you are looking to become the best leader you can be, and have the most rewarding ROTC experience, you should give it your all."