Housing Availability When The College Is Closed During Vacation Periods

During periods when the College is closed and/or during longer break sessions from classes, all resident students are expected to vacate their residence for the length of the break. Breaks include Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring and/or Easter. Dates and times of breaks will be posted on the Housing and Residential Life website. In addition, break information will be distributed to all students detailing break closing procedures. All students are expected to follow proper break checkout procedures.

Students found in residence without permission will be asked to vacate the campus immediately and will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. All policies and procedures are in effect during breaks. No guests will be permitted in residence areas during these breaks, including other Marist students not approved to reside in housing. Students found in violation of these policies will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and may be removed from residence pending disciplinary action.

A.  Early arrival requests
Students needing to return to campus prior to the official opening of the Fall or Spring semester, must make this request, in writing by the deadline as stated in the written and/or electronic communication sent to all students by the Office of Housing and Residential Life or posted on their website. The College sets the early arrival date. Requests to arrive before that date will be denied. Students requesting to return early may be assessed an early arrival fee to be paid prior to arrival. Students in violation of College policies and the early arrival agreement form may be removed from housing pending disciplinary action.

B.  Requests to stay during breaks
During the college’s short breaks (Thanksgiving and Spring break), students may request to stay in residence. Travel, on campus employment and internships are reasons that are commonly approved. Not all requests to stay during break periods will be granted. Requests must be submitted in writing to the Housing Office (Rotunda 387) or via e-mail at housing@marist.edu using your Marist issued Foxmail account. Requests must be received by the stated deadline in the break housing memo. Requests received after the deadline will be denied. Students requesting break housing for employment purposes must provide written documentation from his/her employer.

C.  Senior Week Housing
Housing may be made available to residents after the official spring semester closing and prior to graduation for members of the Senior Class participating in senior week activities, students who have registered for summer housing and student employees of the College. Students not participating in senior week must request, in writing, to stay in residence by the posted deadline.
Students remaining for employment purposes must provide written documentation to the Office of Housing & Residential Life by the posted deadline. Students may be asked to relocate from their academic year housing assignment to another area of campus during that week. Any policy violations may result in immediate removal from campus housing.

D.  Summer Housing
Summer housing is available during the College’s summer session. Priority for housing will be given to students registered for summer classes (including students working at internships for College credit) then to on-campus student employees and finally to current students working in the Poughkeepsie area. Proof of course registration and employment will be required of all students prior to approval of campus housing. A weekly fee will be assessed to those requesting summer housing.

During the summer session, all College and Housing & Residential Life policies and procedures are in effect. Students found in violation of the Code of Student Conduct will be held accountable. Students found in violation of College policies may be removed from summer housing as a sanction.

E.  Winter Intersession Housing
No students will be permitted to stay in College housing from the end of the Fall semester to beginning of Winter Intersession. Students taking intersession classes or working on campus may apply for Winter session housing. Applications will be available in the Housing Office in early December. A weekly fee will be assessed to those requesting winter session housing.