Individual Privacy and Institutional Rights

A.  The student’s right to privacy will be respected at all times. However, duly authorized representatives of the College have the right to enter student rooms for the purpose of inspections relative to fire, safety, health and the condition of facilities and furnishings. Students will be notified before normal announced inspections. Unannounced inspections may occur during emergency situations, when conditions warrant intervention, or during vacation periods within or following the academic year.
B.  The Resident Director and/or designee may enter and inspect student rooms (including entry by passkey if necessary) without notice if there is a reasonable presumption of violation of any College regulations. However, a full search of a student’s room will be conducted when deemed appropriate for serious reasons in violation of the College’s Code of Student Conduct. A full search will include (but not be limited to) all desk and dresser drawers, furniture, closets, suitcases, boxes, lockers or storage areas in the room as well as refrigerators, bedding, clothing, backpacks, etc. A full search requires special written authorization by the Vice President for Student and/or designee.
C.  Students may not enter another’s room without clear and specific permission.