Staff In Residence

Resident Director (RD) – a full-time professional who has administrative responsibility for the individual residence area and its residents. The responsibilities of the RD include supervision of the Resident Assistants (RA), promoting a safe and productive academic atmosphere in the resident area, and managing disciplinary cases within a value-based community. The RD is assisted in this responsibility with the Assistant Resident Director (ARD), RA staff, First Year Coordinators, the Resident Student Council as well as residents of the facility.

Assistant Resident Director (ARD) and Resident Assistants (RA) - are upper-class students living in residence areas. Their responsibilities include:

1.   Counseling students on academic, personal or social matters.
2.   Area programming.
3.   Supporting responsible hall governance.
4.   Fostering an atmosphere conducive to study and orderly behavior.
5.   Referring students to appropriate student services on campus
6.   Supervising and enforcing administrative policies and regulations.
7.   Overseeing and reporting maintenance concerns.

The Residential Life Staff operates with delegated authority from the Vice President for Student Affairs in the above areas. Therefore, refusal to comply with a direction of an RA, ARD, RD, building Entry Officer or Security Officer is considered a serious matter and a violation of the Code of Student Conduct.

First Year Coordinators - are a full-time professional residing in facilities that house freshmen students with responsibility to assist them by addressing social, cognitive and emotional challenges they may encounter.

Resident Hall Council - consists of elected residents of the area, an RA, and the RD. Responsibilities of Resident Hall Council are:

1.   Monitor good order in the residence area to generate and ensure an atmosphere conducive to the intellectual and social development of the residents.
2.   Provide programs that foster community in the building.
3.   Communicate student issues and concerns to Student Government Association through the Student Life Association (SLA).