The Office of Student Conduct

A. The Office of Student Conduct has been delegated the responsibility to administer the student conduct system. The operations of the Office shall be the responsibility of the Conduct Officer. Responsibilities of the Office include but are not limited to:

1.  Reviewing complaints and determining charges to be filed pursuant to the Code of Student Conduct.

2.  Investigating cases and conducting Disciplinary Conferences.

3.  Determining which student conduct body shall hear each case.

4.  Interviewing and advising parties involved in disciplinary proceedings.

5.  Supervising the selection, training and advising of all campus justices and hearing officers.

6.  Reviewing the decisions of all conduct bodies.

7.  Resolving disputes and contested issues that arise out of alleged cases of student misconduct.

8.  Maintaining all student disciplinary records resulting from enforcement of the Code of Student Conduct.

9.  Collecting and disseminating data concerning student conduct system actions.