Marist College
Poughkeepsie, New York
Summer 2016

To:  All Marist College Students

From:  The Division of Student Affairs

Re:  Welcome to a New Academic Year

Sometimes looking at the calendar is like looking in a mirror. We clearly see reflected signs of what’s been going on in our lives. Thoughts of sweet times and dreamy places struggle to wipe out the vestiges of stale cola and soggy pizza from the night before. It’s another day. The image in the mirror and the date on the calendar say it’s time to get going.

On the incredible journey through daily living we search for a few simple answers to some pretty heady questions. The first: Who am I? Next: Where am I coming from? Third: What am I doing here? And finally: Where am I going?

These are the questions that form the compass by which we direct our journey through days, weeks, months and years. Four points on a compass; four basic questions to repeat and repeat. These are questions we ask ourselves throughout life.

As you begin yet another year in your formal education, keep these questions with you as you hop from one area of inquiry to another, as you startle yourself with unexpected connections and surprise discoveries about yourself and your world. Keep turning those pages on your personal calendar. Let your academic pursuits each day help you to see more clearly that face in the morning mirror.