Procedures For Violations Occurring During Finals Week in the Fall or Spring Or Winter and Summer Sessions

During finals week and the period between full academic semesters, all College discipline will be handled as established below.

A.  All reports will be reviewed by the Director of Student Conduct or  designee who will determine whether or not disciplinary charges are warranted.
B.  If the incident under review occurred during the semester but was unable to be handled prior to break or end of the semester closing, the Director of Student Conduct or designee will review the allegation and determine what policies have been violated and what sanctions are merited. Notification of the decision will then be sent to the student’s email address.  A letter may also be sent by the College to the student’s permanent address, unless it is known by the College that the student is residing at another location. The responding party will have the option to accept the decision, or to file notice with the Office of Student Conduct within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of the letter and request a conference/hearing for the alleged violations. Should the responding party accept or fail to respond in thirty (30) days the finding of the Director of Student Conduct, they will be expected to comply with the sanctions according to the time line established in the letter of notification with no right to request a conduct conference, hearing or appeal.
C.  In the event where the Conduct Officer believes that Suspension or Expulsion could be an outcome, a Conduct Conference and/or Hearing will be convened at the earliest possible time, at the discretion of the Conduct Officer. Should it not be possible to resolve the case during the break, a conference or hearing will be held at the beginning of the semester.
D.  If the student is known to be attending Marist during the summer sessions when an incident occurs, the case may be handled under the guidelines that apply during the regular academic year, and the Conduct Officer will hear the case. Any appeal of a decision made at this level that does not include Suspension or Expulsion will be heard at the beginning of the fall semester.