Study Abroad

Marist Italy: Three Cities Program - Lorenzo de Medici (LdM) Institute

Study for a full-semester in three distinct Italian cities, each with its own identity and culture: Tuscania, Rome and either Florence (in Fall) or Venice (in Spring).

Program Location

Unlike many study abroad programs with a central program base, the Three Cities Program affords students the opportunity to situate their studies in multiple locations around Italy. Students participating in this program spend one month in Tuscania followed by one month in Rome before completing their coursework in either Florence (Fall semester) or Venice (Spring semester).


The Program is organized through Marist’s partnership with Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM), a well-known institution founded in 1972 as one of the first schools in Florence to teach Italian as a second language. Students come from all over the world to study Italian or follow other courses of study at the Institute, creating an international environment that stimulates cultural exchange. The faculty and administration of the Institute are outstanding educators and academics, with a wealth of experience teaching American students.  LdM campuses in Rome, Florence and Tuscania offer over 500 courses for students to choose from in 38 subject areas.  


While the program travels through different locations, students are enrolled in a structured program of 5 courses (15 credits total) during the semester – 2 courses (3 credits each) for each of the first two sites, followed by 1 course (3 credits) during the final phase of the program at the last location.  Because of the mobile nature of the program, students engage the coursework more intensively to meet the required 45 contact hours per 3-credit course.

As with all study abroad programs at LdM, students are required to take an Italian language course appropriate to their level – from beginning to advanced levels are offered.  Courses offered vary from semester to semester, so please refer to the LdM site for the most current offerings.

Student Life & Co-curricular

Life for students on the program will understandably vary from location to location.

LdM Rome is fully immersed in the ancient Roman culture. It offers a small “green campus” that actively promotes respect for cultural diversity and the environment according to a specific green policy.  Orientation sessions for students typically include walking tours of the city.  Additionally, at LdM Rome students can take advantage of a regular contact with and support of Student Advisors who are accustomed to helping students adjust to the Italian environment.

The LdM program in Tuscania is based on a full immersion concept that differs in emphasis from the Florence and Rome campuses. Because of the size of the town, its geographic location, and its pace, Tuscania is the perfect setting for friendly and frequent interaction with local Italians. Integration into the community is fundamental to the program and, in particular, to the Italian language courses, encouraging students to create real relationships in a cultural context and language that is different from their own.

At LdM Florence students can live in shared apartments near LdM’s main campus building – and soak in the vibrant San Lorenzo neighborhood – or in one of the city’s five districts, getting to experience everyday life from a local perspective. With its world-famous artistic heritage, Florence offers the study abroad student myriad cultural events throughout the year. Students will revel in the city’s centuries-old culinary tradition, known worldwide for its exceptional local specialties and gelato parlors. What’s more, Florence’s thriving economic heart focuses largely on the exciting worlds of fashion, design, luxury goods, banking and tourism.

LdM Venice, in affiliation with Istituto Venezia, offers students an opportunity to study in an historic setting in the city center's Campo Santa Margherita. Whether you traverse the narrow streets on foot or the canals via vaporetto, you're certain to find yourself transported by the atmosphere that is uniquely Venice.


Throughout the program students are housed in shared apartments with double occupancy.  Select portions of the program include transportation passes.  Internet facilities are also included.

Program Cost

The program fee includes tuition (12-16 credits), accommodation, program orientation, scheduled academic excursions, and international health insurance. The program cost is based on full-time semester tuition and on-campus Marist housing. Students receive a detailed cost sheet once they have been admitted to the Marist Abroad Program.

Admission Criteria

  • Minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA at the time of application
  • Sophomore standing or higher at the time of study abroad
  • Academic Advisor approval of program and coursework

How to Apply and Get More Information

Enrollment is limited, and applicants are encouraged to apply early. Click here for more information on the Marist Abroad application process.

If you have any additional questions about the program, please contact the International Programs department. Additional information can be found on the LdM website