Kelly Scalera

Program: Sports Communication kelly

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
Governor Livingston High School
Sports Communication Major - Psychology Minor


Why did you decide to participate in Pre-College? I was in my sophomore year of high school and my mom really wanted me to do something productive that upcoming summer. Since I was still in high school, she wanted something that would stand out on a resume other than a job or an internship. As a college professor at Rutgers University, she knew that many schools offer summer programs to high school students during the summer.
We researched some local colleges that offered Pre-College Summer Programs with my interested major, Communications. I discovered Marist Pre-College and it looked perfect for me, offering had a wide range of programs, great housing, and a beautiful campus. I applied immediately. I had only vaguely heard of Marist before hand, and had never visited the institution. Little did I know after that day that Marist would become a part of my life forever. 

 What was the best part of your experience?  The best part of the Pre-College Summer Program for me would have to be the connections I made throughout my two-week stay there. I took classes under the direction of Professor Keith Strudler, Chair of Communications and the Director of the Marist College Center for Sports Communication. I got to sit in a classroom of only fifteen and learn from him every day. We did so many hands on activities in the field of sports communications, producing a sports segment and learning how to use cameras and broadcasting equipment. The relationship that I formed with Professor Strudler has continued throughout my college career. I have since taken several more courses taught by him and have thoroughly enjoyed his guidance and knowledge in the field. 

Also, the relationships that I made with other students during my two weeks continued into college. When I attended Marist in the fall it was reassuring to see some familiar face in the crowd!

Would you recommend this program to others?  I would definitely recommend this program to any high school student, and I do! It is a great chance for high school students to experience a little taste of college. Participants live in residence halls, eat in the dining hall, attend classes every day, interact with other students, and evolve as individuals. 

Did this program help you prepare for and transition into college? Yes, this summer Pre-College Institute definitely helped me in narrowing down the schools I was interested in. Not only did I fall in love with Marist, but I had a better grasp on what I wanted to study in the future. Once I realized that sports communication was the route I wanted to take, attending Marist became my goal. 

This program delivered everything I could have asked for and more. Not only did I receive three college credits but I truly got to experience a little piece of what college would be like. By the end of the two weeks, I thought I was a pro. I felt I could go to any school and face it head on. Also, during my time here at Marist I made sure to spend time with some of the Admission counselors. They were very present on campus during the two week program and spent time with many of the students. I made sure to get their contact information so I was on their radar when I applied.

Marist is part of a friendly and close knit community, I got a feel for that when I stayed here for the Pre-College Summer Institute and have loved it ever since!