The ERP will deliberate in closed session to determine whether the responding party is responsible or not responsible for the violation(s) in question.  The panel will base its determination on a preponderance of the evidence (i.e., whether it is more likely than not that the accused individual committed each alleged violation).  If an individual responding party or organization is found responsible by a majority of the panel, the panel will recommend appropriate sanctions to the Title IX Coordinator or designee. 

The Chair will prepare a written deliberation report and deliver it to the Title IX Coordinator or designee, detailing the finding, how each member voted, the information cited by the panel in support of its recommendation and any information the hearing panel excluded from its consideration and why. The report should conclude with any recommended sanctions. This report should not exceed two pages in length and must be submitted to the Title IX Coordinator or designee within five (5) business days of the end of deliberations.  

The Title IX Coordinator or designee will inform the accused individual and the reporting party of the final determination within 10 business days of the hearing, without significant time delay between notifications. Notification will be made in writing and may be delivered by one or more of the following methods: in person; mailed to the local or permanent address of the parties as indicated in official College records; or emailed to the parties’ College-issued email account. Once mailed, emailed and/or received in-person, notice will be presumptively delivered.