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Art & Digital Media

Completely renovated and expanded Steel Plant opens in Fall 2018

Photo of Steel PlantThe programs of the Department of Art and Digital Media give students the opportunity to develop as artists, designers, digital media creators, and scholars in facilities that support both traditional media, such as painting and sculpture, and the latest developments in new media.

Beginning in Fall 2018, the programs will be housed in the totally renovated and expanded Steel Plant, with four state-of-the-art digital labs, new traditional media studios, a maker space for advanced 3-D and large format 2-D printing, as well as an interior garden with café and gallery that exhibits regional and international artists as well as the work of our students.

The Department’s degrees offer both a strong foundation and the opportunity to explore several specializations.

Our BS in Digital Media, which was one of the first offered in the nation, is designed for students to study, in depth, a new field that is transforming the visual arts under the guidance of recognized artists, designers, and digital media professionals. Courses in design (both print and web), animation (2D and 3D), digital photography, and multimedia authoring prepare students for an ever-evolving field. 

In Studio Art, students can choose either the BA in Fine Arts: Studio or the more intensive BS in Studio Art.  Both combine a broad based training in the visual arts with a traditional liberal arts education. Students can investigate a wide range of courses in drawing, painting, graphic design, sculpture, photography, digital media, and printmaking. 

The BA in Fine Arts: Art History explores the rich history of the visual arts, beginning with drawings in prehistoric caves to the pyramids of Egypt to today’s global contemporary art.

International Study

Photo of Students in Japan

International study is one of the hallmarks of our programs. There are many opportunities to study abroad through our wide range of semester-longprograms and short-term abroad courses. Our students are encouraged to extend their studies across the globe, in exciting locations like Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Australia, and Japan. 

Art, Art History, and Digital Media students can also choose to spend a semester, a year, or all four years at our Branch Campus in Florence, Italy. Housed in the historic center of Florence, the campus has twelve buildings with an impressive range of facilities. Working alongside international artists, designers, and scholars, our students have the opportunities to not only immerse themselves in Renaissance culture but also explore both traditional and digital media, as well as specialized courses in jewelry making, ceramics, and art history. 

Video: Venice Biennale Program

We also offer two additional four-year degrees exclusively at our Branch campus. The BS in Conservation Studies provides the extraordinary opportunity to study and apprentice with masters of restoration, while working on centuries old original art. Students in the BFA in Interior Design work with international professionals to explore design, concept development and presentation. A graduate program, the MA in Museum Studies is also offered entirely at our Florence branch campus. All courses at the Branch Campus are taught in English.

Internships and Alumni Success

Closer to home is our excellent internship program. Students gain valuable work experience in the Hudson Valley, New York City, and beyond. One of our newer programs, Marist in Manhattan, places students in semester-long internships while they live in New York City.

Because of our location in the Hudson Valley, less than two hours away from New York City and the Berkshires, the Department is able to take advantage of the many talented professionals living nearby and eager to share their experiences with students in public lectures or the class room. Field trips to some of the most important venues for global art are only a short bus or train ride away. 

With a combination of a strong foundation and advanced study, along with extraordinary opportunities, the graduates of the Department of Art and Digital Media have an excellent record of success in both graduate school and in their careers.

Minors offered include; Studio Art, Art History, Photography and Graphic Design

Note: Students will be held to the requirements of the catalog of the year in which they declare their major. Following are the requirements for the most recent catalog.

Requirements For A Minor In Studio Art

Foundation Courses
ART 101 Fundamentals of Art and Design and ART 110 Basic Drawing 6 cr
Four additional studio art courses 12 cr

Total Credit Requirement for a Minor in Studio Art 18 cr

Requirements For A Minor In Art History

Introduction Courses
ART 160 History of Western Art I and ART 180 History of Western Art II 6 cr
Four additional courses selected from the following:
ART 220, 280, 362, 365, 366, 380 12 cr

Total Credit Requirement for a Minor in Art History 18 cr

Requirements For A Minor In Photography

Foundation Courses 12 credits

ART 101 Fundamentals of Art and Design OR and ART 110 Basic Drawing

ART 145 Basic Photography

ART 231 Introduction to Digital Media

ART 220 History of Photography

Two [2] of the following courses: 6 credits

ART 240 Intermediate Photography

ART 314 Advanced Photography

ART 320 Digital Photography 1

ART 425 Digital Photography II

ART 313 View Camera Photography

Total Credit Requirement for a Minor in Photography 18 cr

Requirements For A Minor In Graphic Design

Course Requirements (recommended sequence):  15 credits

ART 101 Fundamentals of Art and Design

ART 231 Introduction to Digital Media

ART 211 Digital Layout and Design

ART 215 Graphic Design I

ART 315 Graphic Design II

Choose one [1] of the following art courses: (3 credits) 

ART 320 Digital Photography I

ART 322 Multimedia Authoring

ART 323 Design for the Web

ART 393 Digital Illustration

Total Credit Requirement for a Minor in Digital Media 18 cr