Have you ever panicked about completing a paper on time? Have you ever had difficulty expressing your thoughts clearly? Do writing assignments mystify or even terrify you? Do you sometimes wonder where you will even start?

If you'll give us a chance, maybe we can help. We cannot, of course, write your papers for you (and neither can we guarantee good grades), but we can teach you some strategies that could put you on the road to academic success...but only if you're willing to put in the necessary effort.

The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring, free of charge, to anyone in the Marist College Community. You may make an appointment ahead of time by going to the main page and clicking on the link  to Schedule a Conference, or simply drop-in during our scheduled hours. When you come to the Writing Center please:

  • Give yourself time: a tutoring session may take up to an hour, sometimes more.
  • Come early: you'll need time after your session to complete your writing.
  • Bring all materials: your tutor may wish to discuss the assignment, your research, or suggestions from your instructor.
  • Focus your concerns: your tutor can help you better if you can explain what you want help with.