Fall 2016 FYS Course Titles and Descriptions


Fall 2016 FYS Course Titles and Descriptions (see below for Honors FYS sections)

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FYS101 L103
Eco-Warriors, Tree Huggers and Sell Outs: Representing Modern Environmentalism 

FYS 101 L106 & 107
Where Did My Money Go?

FYS 101 L108
Bodies, Minds, and Social Norms

FYS 101 L109 & 110
Challenges to Free Will from Neuroscience & Psychology  

FYS 101 L111 & 112
Greek Myth and the Other

FYS101 L113
Meaning in Life

FYS101 L114 & 115
Not That Seventies Show

FYS101 L116 & 117
Empire, Race, & Sexuality in Colonial Latin America  

FYS101 L118 & 119
Reading the Apocalypse

FYS101 L120 & 121
Nostalgia: A Literary History

FYS101 L122 & 123
John Milton, Genius

FYS101 L124 & 125
Greening America

FYS101 L126 & 127
Race, Gender, Slavery & the Making of America

FYS101 L128 & 129
Murder, Madness, and Mental Mayhem

FYS101 L130 & 131
Castaways, Outcasts, & Survivors

FYS101 L132
Food Fights: What is the Future of Food?

FYS 101 L133
Europe & the "Barbarians"

FYS101 L135
The Human Body, in Sickness & in Health

FYS101 L136 & 137

FYS101 L138 & 139
Music & the Drama of History

FYS 101 L140
Critical Perspectives on Advertising

FYS 101 L141 &142
Words in the Wild: Expeditions in Language & Society

FYS 101 L143
Childhood Around the World

FYS 101 L144
Caravaggio & His Followers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art  

FYS 101 L147
How It Came About



Fall 2016 Honors FYS Course Titles