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Marist 100 is a plan developed at an exciting time in the College’s history. We approach our centennial in 2029 from a position of incredible strength, reflecting upon and celebrating Marist’s remarkable growth and development over its first 100 years; reaffirming our commitment to the ongoing relevance and distinctiveness of our mission, values, and model of higher education; and thinking boldly about the years that lie ahead.

Our Strategic Plan will help make a Marist education accessible to a broader range of talented students and will help us carry out our ambitious vision of improving the world through education.


What We Will Accomplish

The Three Pillars of Marist 100

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Academic Vibrancy >

Marist College will emerge as a leader in its student centered approach to teaching and learning. Our students will benefit from the best of the liberal arts and pre-professional training through an education that is relevant, innovative, experiential, interdisciplinary, globally connected, and larger than the sum of its parts. Marist will empower its students, faculty, and staff to change the world through the generation of knowledge and societal impact.

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Student Centrality >

Marist will offer a truly distinctive student experience. As an institution large enough to offer a dynamic and engaged campus culture, yet small enough to deliver individualized care and attention, we will create an environment that allows each student to flourish. Students will benefit from world-class facilities, services, and activities that engage and develop the whole person and promote health, well-being, and overall success.

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Expansive Community >

We will bring Marist to the world and the world to Marist, building a broader community and richer learning environment for all. Marist will foster a deep sense of connection and belonging among its internal, local, and global communities, one which will span generations of students and foster lifelong connection and engagement. Marist’s reputation as a welcoming and inclusive community will allow the College to introduce itself to new audiences, attracting talent from an increasingly diverse range of geographies and backgrounds.

From President Kevin Weinman

Marist 100 is an ambitious strategic plan that will carry Marist College through and beyond its upcoming centennial celebration in 2029. Stretching this plan to seven years from our traditional five not only permits more time to execute these ambitious strategies, but also allows the plan to bridge our first two centuries, linking past with future and mutually reinforcing each other in ways that are uniquely Marist.

The College will continue to hew closely to its history, especially the founding values espoused by the Marist Brothers: excellence in education, a sense of community, and a commitment to service. Likewise, our mission remains enduring; Marist will continue to help students develop the intellect, character, and skills required for enlightened, ethical, and productive lives in the global community of the 21st century. And Marist will always look ahead, continuing its tradition of innovating, adapting, and evolving to serve the ever-changing needs of a complex world.

Our plan does not shy away from the challenges we face. Rather, it addresses them head on, harnessing the full force and power of our strengths so we can thrive. We will make a Marist education accessible to a broader range of talented students. We will continue to be a leader in delivering a relationship-rich educational experience that prepares our graduates for impactful and meaningful lives. And we will be a broadly inclusive community that fosters a deep and lifelong sense of connection and belonging among all members.

I invite the support of our entire community to participate in any way you can to make this vision a reality, and to help Marist improve the world through education. Together, we can do this.

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The Marist 100 World Tour

In the first 100 days of our strategic plan, we visited communities across the globe because we're so excited about the future of Marist. We gave everyone across our Red Fox family the opportunity to engage in the inspirational work that will propel our College forward.



Watch: Marist 100 Conversation with President Weinman and Alumni


We Need Your Support!

Join the Marist 100 Facebook community and don’t miss a thing! See updates from each World Tour stop. Share your experiences about what makes a Marist education so special. Keep the conversation going about how we can keep innovating – and how you can support – ways to further enhance the student experience and make a Marist education accessible to a broader range of talented students.

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Marist 100