Ethical Leadership Case Study Competition

This spring the Honors Program and the Raymond A. Rich Institute for Leadership Development will host their first Ethical Leadership Case Study competition. The competition will take place on Friday, February 5th, and Saturday, February 6th, and it will include teams of Honors students from a variety of majors. The students will present their analysis of the case study to a panel drawn from the faculty, the administration, and the community. The winning team will receive a gift of books on ethical leadership and they will be invited to a reception.

"Leaders at all levels face difficult ethical challenges, and even the most seasoned leaders can fall short," explains Leslie Foxhall of the Raymond A. Rich Institute for Leadership Development at Marist. This spring Foxhall is working with Honors students to organize the case study competition, and in the fall she organized the Honors Leadership Lecture. "This case competition gives students a chance to prepare themselves for these challenges by reflecting on their own values and how they can be applied in the real world." 

"I can't wait for the Ethical Leadership Case Study Competition," says Alexandra Giglio, a sophomore communications major and Honors student. "It will be such a great opportunity to work with fellow Honors students and apply myself as a leader."

This mission of the Marist Honors Program is to create scholars, leaders, and global citizens. This case study competition is part of a wider effort placed on ethics and leadership development in the Honors Program. In addition to the case study competition, the Honors Program also sponsors a fall Leadership lecture, and it has a new mentor program.