NCHC Conference Accepts Four Marist Research Projects

The National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) accepted four Marist Honors research projects for the 2015 Conference in Chicago. The projects were completed by Honors students from diverse majors in the Schools of Liberal Arts, Computer Science and Mathematics, and Science. The following is a list of students with the titles of their research projects: 

  • Kristen Cecilione (Mathematics) "Predicting Immortality"
  • Alexa Kovlakas (Biology) "Teratogenic Effects of Heroin on Embryo Development"
  • Abigail Milone (History) "African American Music, Artist Compensation, and the Rick Whitesell Collection" 
  • Emma Talis (Mathematics) "The Effect of Prey Dispersal on a Two-Patch Predator-Prey System"