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Information Systems Master's Degree Rated in Top 5 Programs for Jobs by Forbes

In a recent study*, Forbes ranked top Master’s degree topics by salary and employment projects to determine which degree programs would be most beneficial to prospective students over the next couple of years. Unsurprisingly, Information Systems was rated as one of the top five programs for jobs. This ranking proves not only the worth of an Information Systems Master’s degree, but also the importance of choosing the right program from which to earn your degree. Marist College offers a challenging but innovative MSIS degree program for graduate students looking to begin or accelerate their careers in Information Systems.  

Information Systems Master's Degree Rated in Top 5 Programs for Jobs by ForbesForbes projected their statistics based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing a mid-career median salary at around $95,500 annually, with an employment increase of 23.3%. These combined statistics were the primary reasons why the Information Systems Master’s degree was ranked in the Forbes Top 5 Programs for jobs. The employment increase alone shows the need for well-qualified individuals with the skills to work within an information technology department, making Information Systems one of the best Master’s degrees for jobs and job seekers.

If you’re looking to become a part of this fast-growing industry, it’s important to understand just why Information Systems Master’s degree holders are in such high demand. Companies are continuously using technology to make their organizations, smarter, faster, and more efficient. This requires talent that can maintain and build systems today, with an eye towards tomorrow. It is these valuable skills you will learn while earning your Information Systems Master’s degree at Marist.

The Marist MSIS degree program offers two separate tracks of study. Graduate students can choose between concentrations in Information Systems or Information Technology. Take a moment to consider your interests and career goals before deciding which Master’s degree is best for your future. The program has a choice between earning your degree on campus or online to provide a flexible schedule so you can earn a degree on your free time.

*Forbes’ ranking methodology considers student’s post-graduate needs such as salary level, employment rate, rate at which debt can be paid off, and overall experience. Their Top 5 Master’s degree program rankings considered all these factors while choosing the best degree programs to feature.

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