Top 10 Careers for MSIS Graduates

Master's in Information Systems Career Options

As industries are becoming more reliant on state-of-the-art technology, the career options for graduates of Marist’s Master’s in Information Systems degree program are numerous. Filling these positions demands graduates who understand the complexities of technology, and can make informed decisions on how best to apply technology to improve the productivity of a company. Take a look at the Top 10 careers for a MSIS graduate.

Health Information Technician - Although at $46,000 the median salary for this field is significantly lower than most on the Top 10 careers for a MSIS graduate, it is a field that is growing rapidly with the introduction of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Healthcare companies need reliable and up-to-date systems and reporting procedures to effectively track the patients who are using their services. As a health information technician, you are responsible for creating and implementing these types of systems. The job outlook and increased potential for a higher salary make this career path extremely marketable.

Database Administrator - As a human filing cabinet, you create storage systems for businesses, and ensure all company files are secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users. Database administrators with MSIS degrees can look forward to career advancement toward Computer Security Specialists.

Video Game Designer - An innovative and uncommon career that you can pursue as a MSIS graduate is a Video Game Designer. If you want to use your Information System skills creatively you can debug programs and create extraordinary gaming systems for a median annual salary of $80,000. CNN gave this career a benefit to society rating of B, and ranked it as one of the best jobs in America!

Management Consultant - Corporations and companies need reliable employees who can assist in making recommendations to improve productivity using technology. As a management consultant you can make an average of $86,600 a year developing new tools to complete projects and exercising teamwork learned in your degree program.

Mobile Application Developer  - At a high salary of $90,000 annually and a continually growing marketplace for mobile technologies, become a developer of mobile applications can advance your career toward new heights. You can test mobile systems and help businesses connect with clients in new ways. 

IT Consultant - With a MSIS degree you are qualified to research information systems and understand the technologies that many people can’t wrap their head around. Having an IT consultant is vital for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies who are relying on understanding the most advanced technologies to become one step above the fold. The median salary is $96,400 and growing! This career option was also feature by CNN’s Best Job’s in America.

Cloud Architect - Envisioning a career with technology companies and constructing the information clouds? As an MSIS graduate you can do just that. Keeping information that is floating around organized is an important task, especially for individuals who store lots of information and need a larger database to put it. Large companies with lots of client information and company systems rely on Cloud Architects to provide them the latest technologies in the most secure way. The median salary is $112,000.

Computer Systems Analyst - In the top three of the Top 10 is a Computer Systems Analyst. With a median salary of $119,070 these analysts job is to take systems created by programmers and infer how they can be changed to operate more effectively.

IS/IT Manager - Before you advance to a career of a Chief Information Officer you can take the first step at forming the strategic plans to help Information Systems and Technology teams plan for future technology advancements. Working on a team will help you better understand a team structure in information systems to one day advanced to lead the company you work for. Set your goals high and earn $120,900 a year!

Chief Information Officer (CIO) - The leader in Master’s in Information Systems career options is a Chief Technology Officer. With a median annual salary of $245,900, CIO’s are responsible for forming the strategic plan that information system teams will carry out to reach company goals.

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