Earn Your Master’s Degree Through Marist's Comprehensive Integrated Marketing Communication Graduate Program

The online Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from Marist College is a comprehensive graduate school program that focuses on modern day digital interactive marketing and communications tactics. Each course concentrates on how companies can deliver a constant message that reflects their brand, values, products, and company mission.

The Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s degree is made up of a 100% online curriculum, allowing students to earn their master’s degree through a flexible schedule on their own time. The online courses are designed to create a cohesive program, merging all facets of modern day marketing. Online Integrated Marketing Communication courses include topics such as advertising, public relations, social media, marketing research, branding, strategy and analytical tools, and global marketing insights.

Marist College's online Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication was developed with the help of knowledgeable marketing and communications industry leaders. Marist College’s network of industry professionals enables us to provide graduate school students with the modern marketing and communications knowledge needed to expand their careers in the increasingly interactive, multichannel, competitive global marketplace.

Whether you are a recent graduate, seasoned marketing professional or interested in a career change, the online Integrated Marketing Communication graduate degree can provide you with the necessary knowledge to advance your career.

A Flexible Full and Part-Time Marketing Master’s Degree Curriculum

  • Part-time marketing graduate students looking to attend the Integrated Marketing Communication program part-time generally enroll in two courses in the fall and spring semesters. Depending on when the student enrolls, they may be able to fit in one course over the summer. All courses can be completed in six semesters. Please see the Sample Sequences page for details.
  • Full-Time Integrated Marketing Communication graduate students generally enroll in four courses for both the fall and spring semesters. Depending on when they begin the program, IMC graduate students may also take one or two courses in the summer, completing the marketing graduate degree program in three to four semesters. Please see the Sample Sequences page for details.

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