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In today's world of PDAs, iPads, blogs, social media, targeted advertising, and special interest groups, how do companies deliver a consistent message that reflects their brand, values, products, and mission?

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is the cutting-edge approach industry professionals now use to engage important stakeholders.  Today's business success depends on effectively harnessing traditional and rich-media avenues to develop, distribute, and analyze consistent messages to keep their brand at the forefront. The Marist College Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication was developed with the help and direction of leaders in the communication industry to offer a  curriculum that provides students the critical knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed in this increasingly interactive, multichannel, and competitive global marketplace.

At Marist, you'll learn to produce communications for the important stakeholders, through the right channel, at the right time. Our unique multimedia-based curriculum will prepare you to be an expert in this growing and innovative field. Delivered in a 100% asynchronous online format that can be completed within one year, all classes include hands-on learning through case study analyses, real-life marketing exercises, and current communication assignments from companies. The Marist faculty is comprised of industry leaders with significant experience marketing national brands and teaching at major institutions thus providing an academically rigorous program that is both accessible and flexible to working professionals around the globe.

Marist College Who Are We?

The IMC program at Marist will bring together top advertising, brand management, corporate communication marketing, public relations and sales professionals from all over the country and world. This will...
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Masters Degree Integrated Marketing Communication Curriculum Curriculum

The 100% asynchronous online curriculum of the M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication consists of 10 courses focused on the integration of marketing and communication. Each course is three credits...
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Marist College Services

Whether you're taking classes online or on-campus, Marist offers many easily accessible services to help you manage the requirements of your program...
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