The Importance of a Cutting Edge Master’s Degree in Marketing

Why Earning an Up-to-Date M.A. in Marketing is Important

The Importance of a Cutting Edge Master’s Degree in MarketingToday’s world of smartphones, tablets, PDAs, blogs, social networks, and hyper-targeted advertising has been a boom to the world of marketing and the world of marketing jobs. The catch is that this diverse set of technologies and tools can on one hand give marketers more opportunities, but requires marketers to be much more in-tune with an industry that is changing by the second. It is for this reason that an M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is important. A cutting edge M.A. Marketing degree can provide potential and veteran marketers with an invaluable skill set for career advancement.

What Makes Integrated Marketing Communication Cutting Edge?

IMC is a cutting-edge approach that helps today’s professionals engage stakeholders through digital interactive marketing and communications. This skillset allows companies to deliver a consistent message to their audience, no matter the media. Considering how many messages people are bombarded with on a daily basis, it is absolutely essential that companies create and deliver unique and consistent messaging. Through Marist College’s IMC program, students will learn to produce effective communications that hit the right people, at the right time, through the right channels.

The Marist College Integrated Marketing Communication M.A. is a 100% online program that can be completed within one year. All classes consist of hands-on learning through real-life case studies and marketing exercises. The Marist College Integrated Marketing CommunicationM.A. was developed with the help of marketing and communications industry leaders, and our network of industry professionals help us provide students with insider knowledge to today’s marketing challenges.

Whether you’re looking to begin or advance your career in advertising, public relations, social media, marketing research, brand management, consumer insights, and marketing analytics, our cutting edge marketing IMC program can help put you on the path to success. 


Written by Laura Zurowski

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