Marketing Career Opportunities for IMC M.A. Graduates

Earning an Integrated Marketing Communication M.A. Degree

Kathy Boyle-Labarbera, Adjunct Instructor of Communication at Marist College, discusses the beauty of Integrated Marketing Communication career opportunities and the job field changing so fast. Integrated Marketing Communication is a young person's field; young people coming in have the opportunity to craft what this marketing advertising world is going to be. With the ever-changing IMC Career field, nobody has all the answers right now; there are still many questions out there. There are a lot of theories to prove as well as a lot of opportunity to jump in there and really make a mark for yourself.

Although the IMC Career field is ever changing, there are basic fundamental principles within the marketing environment that don't change. There is just a new way of approaching these principles; there are basic fundamental things with regards to understanding who your target is, understanding how to create relevant messaging to those targets, and understanding how to select the appropriate media to reach those targets. It is always important to target the consumer at every point of their purchasing journey to move them to the next step. Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which is a psychology theory, is still applicable to understanding marketing needs and how they lead into each other.

The Marist College Integrated Marketing Communications M.A. degree provides graduate students with the necessary knowledge to tackle not only the fundamental marketing challenges but to also utilize the critical thinking in order to be an industry leader in this ever-changing career.