About the Marist Master’s in Public Administration Degree

MPA Degree Mission and Objectives

The School of Management at Marist College has offered the Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) graduate degree since 1980 and is considered a leading provider of the MPA degree with hundreds of successful alumni employed in local, state, and federal agencies throughout the country. The Marist College Master’s in Public Administration degree is NASPAA-accredited, and designed for individuals with an expressed interest in public management, health care, law enforcement, human service, as well as the non-profit sector. The MPA graduate-level curriculum, when coupled with a diverse student and faculty body, provides emerging and existing leaders the skills to:

  • Apply theoretical knowledge to the real-life working environment and constraints within public administration;
  • Increase awareness and expand perspectives to aid in core management decisions and public policy development and evaluation;
  • Enhance communication skills in both traditional and emerging technology formats to better reach key stakeholders.
  • Appropriately utilize qualitative and quantitative analyses as a part of decision-making across public organizations. 
  • Develop an understanding of ethical principles and best-practices of managing a diverse workforce in the global public sector.

The Marist College online Master’s in Public Administration degree offers several different program options depending on the graduate student's unique needs. The MPA degree program may be completed either part-time or full-time and courses are available in 100% online formats, in traditional classrooms, or in a hybrid format throughout New York in Poughkeepsie, New York City and Albany.  In addition, a special Master’s in Public Administration program is offered for professionals working in the law enforcement, emergency services, and criminal justice fields.

If you're committed to advancing your skills in public policy and management and working toward the betterment of communities around the world, request more information about the Marist College Master’s in Public Administration degree program and start your application today.