MPA Degree in a Global Community

A Globally-Focused MPA Program

MPA Degree in a Global CommunityAs a professional of public administration in today’s society, your career success will rely on your ability to function within a diverse professional environment. Whether that is through managing a diverse workforce or creating policy for another country’s public sector needs, graduate students in the MPA program will develop the skills to become professional leaders in a global society. Marist’s MPA is well-fit for students looking to gain a different perspective of the world and round out their graduate experience in a way they may not have considered before.

A course that highlights the Marist MPA program’s strengths in preparing students for global public administration is Global Issues in Public Administration, a course under the Public Management concentration. Students are first given an understanding of how social and economic practices affect nations around the world. They consider how leadership has changed throughout history to adapt to new social climates.

MPA 616 students are then presented with an overview of the unique issues within a company’s workforce that have been created through cultural and political differences. Students have to figure out how they would effectively manage these issues by creating plans of action, which relate back to the overall Public Administration graduate degree.

Each course in the MPA curriculum is focused on teaching graduate students about public policy and management of organizations to create strong and effective communities in the United States and in the larger global community. Students leave the program with a broad understanding of how government practices affect diverse cultural communities. Graduates are then able to confidently interact with other public officials to solve organizational problems that arise from the socio-economic climate of companies that are moving or expanding to international locations.

The entire MPA program has been developed around three goals: to develop students’ knowledge of the study of public administration, gain skills for effective management in the public and non-profit sectors, and to do so ethically in an effort to preserve public safety. The MPA not only focuses these goals on helping students understand how to use them within our own public sectors but also being able to communicate and interact within the global sector.

Now is the time to expand your knowledge base and earn a globally-focused degree in Public Administration. You can become a leader in international public affairs and join a new generation of workforce who are ready to take on any issue that comes along.

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