The Importance of Ethics in Leadership Roles

How Ethical Leadership Affects an Organization’s Public Image

The Importance of Ethics in Leadership RolesIt may seem obvious that non-profit organizations would place a large emphasis on character and ethics when it comes to potential employees, but the fact is that leadership positions often place employees in unique and sometimes compromising positions. What’s more, indiscretions at the top lead to bad press, and lots of it, which can completely tarnish an organization’s image and mission. Now more than ever, it’s important for those seeking leadership positions within non-profit organizations to be well versed in the world of ethical practices.

The importance of ethics in leadership roles cannot be understated. As America claws its way out of the most recent recession, the impact of unethical decision-making is still being felt throughout the entire economy. From bankers to politicians, a stark lack of ethics has ruined the reputations of big banks, Congress, and many more. It’s clear to see how a lack of ethical leadership affects an organization’s public image, which makes the Marist Master's in Public Administration (MPA) in Ethical Leadership so vital for tomorrow’s non-profit leaders.

The MPA in Ethical Leadership provides students with the ability to apply ethical leadership decision-making skills within diverse, complex organizations. Students will apply humanities driven approaches to maintain an organization’s integrity while also achieving its business goals. It is this mix of capable business skills with ethical leadership that can affect an organization’s public image in a positive way.

MPA graduate students can expect to learn the basic models of leadership and ethical decision-making. This foundation will prepare graduate students to effectively lead non-profit organizations, and overcome the challenges and ethical dilemmas often faced by those in leadership positions. With a proper foundation in ethics, non-profit organizations can be sure students with an MPA degree in Ethical Leadership have the principles to positively impact their business and mission.

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