24th Annual Women & Society Conference

Women & Society Conference hosted by School of Communication and the Arts

Director- Shannon Roper

The 24th Annual Women & Society Conference, held October 23, 2015, began on an inspirational note with Keynote Speaker, president and founder of Corporate Equilibrium, Dr. Stacey Radin.

Dr. Radin began her career by receiving a Master’s Degree from the prestigious Columbia University, studying Adolescent Female Development. During her time at Columbia University, she also earned her dissertation in private practice, which she later called Unleashed.

Unleashed is a non- for- profit organization that Dr. Radin created to  “empower, ethical and social change amongst inner city young females.” Dr. Radin has chosen to target her organization towards teaching girls about dog abuse, in order to provide them with a reason to speak out about a cause that holds meaning to them. The program provides young females with a voice and instills them the ability to speak out and become female leaders within society.  

If you’re interested in knowing more about the organization or want to volunteer your time, please contact Dr. Stacey Radin for more information: Stacey@unleashedny.org


dr radin guest speaker

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Nearon