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Attention Prospective Students and Families!

The Undergraduate Admission office and the Office of Student Financial Services invites you to attend an informational evening for our annual Financial Aid Symposium: "Affording Your Way Through College" on Monday November 3, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Families interested in attending our event must register online.

For anyone planning on attending college that wants to know more about scholarships, loans, grants, and the best practices to afford their education, Marist is offering this informational evening to outline the procedures and planning that is universal to ALL colleges. Whatever college you finally choose to attend, the information provided will be valuable to help you find the best way to afford your education. We hope to see you all at this years event!




We know that a college education is a significant investment for many families, and we want to be sure our students receive the best value for their investment. Many of our families discover that with proper options, the cost of Marist College is within reach.

The Marist College Office of Student Financial Services is committed to providing affordability options and managing the equitable distribution of student aid funds. The office coordinates student employment both on and off campus and is responsible for student billing. We are dedicated to promoting accessibility through personalized service and integrity.

The Office of Student Financial Services will make every effort to assist you with financing the cost of your education.

 Important Information:  



14-15 Traditional Undergraduate Affordability Guide


14-15 Adult Undergraduate Affordability Guide

14-15 Graduate Affordability Guide


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