Student Financial Services

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of Marist
students receive
some form of
financial aid


of Marist students
received scholarships
and/or need based
grants as a portion
of their aid package


of Marist graduates
are employed
or attending graduate
school within six
months of graduation*
Data was compiled from the following sources: multiple online surveys, Career Services, LinkedIn, National Clearinghouse, and through formal and informal conversations with graduates from the Class of 2016. Marist provides an environment for success, however, it does not guarantee job placement or entrance/acceptance into graduate school.  


2017-2018 Optional Health Insurance Opt Out
Please opt out by August 8, 2017, if you
have existing health insurance coverage.

 Thank you for attending Freshmen Orientation!!
Please feel free to contact the office if you have any additional questions.
Enjoy your summer!

           Traditional Undergraduate
          Orientation Presentation 

                      LDM FFE
       Orientation Presentation  

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