Greek Affairs Paperwork Instructions

**All paperwork must be completed and returned by the given deadlines or fines may be imposed.

•   Roster – List of all members of the Executive Board, Advisor, Members, including (name, address, phone number, and e-mail address (due beginning of each semester-Form Online).  Please not those studying away with an *.

•   Roster Change Form – Please list any members who need to be added or removed from your chapter.  Also please note whether they are active, suspended, or inactive (Due as changes are made-Form Online).

•   Member Grade Check Form – Each member should log-in and agree to the grade check.  They must acknowledge that this form gives their permission to have their GPA checked by the Office of Student Conduct & Greek Affairs and given to the President of the Chapter, Student Affairs staff, Chapter Advisor, or National Representative at any time that they are an active member of the chapter (Form Online).

•   Fraternity/Sorority Recruitment Statistics – Please keep accurate records of potential new members who attend recruitment events held by your chapter.  Please check the appropriate boxes to indicate which events they attended, whether or not they were offered a bid, and whether or not they accepted or declined a bid (Recruitment Chairs-turn in after recruitment).

•   Community Service/Philanthropy Report – Include a detailed report about your chapter’s philanthropy/community service involvement for the past semester.  (Online Form Under Community Service and Philanthropy).

•   New Member Education Plan – Please include a specific outline of all activities to be completed by your new members as well as the dates, times, locations, and descriptions of each.  Also list ALL responsibilities of new members (Form Online).

•   Member Development Plan – Please list all programs, descriptions, intended outcomes, dates, and locations that your chapter will be hosting during the upcoming semester.  Each chapter must schedule a minimum of three programs per semester.  Each chapter member must attend at least two of the three programs (Form Online).

•  Attendance Verification Form – Please have all chapter attendees fill out this form when attending a program hosted/co-hosted by your chapter (Form Online).  If your chapter has a form already created it may be used.

•   Scholarship Plan – Please state your chapter’s scholarship mission, GPA for the past semester, GPA goal for the upcoming semester, and your minimum requirement for all members (new and active). Also describe any programs that you intend to provide for your members who fall below the GPA requirement, as well as any additional programs or services that your chapter will offer to encourage high scholarship (Submit with other Required Paperwork as stated on the Checklist).

•   Anti-Hazing Form- Must be completed by each member of the chapter.  (The form is Online under Chapter Resources).

•   Proof of Insurance and Recognition- You are required each year to provide proof of insurance and acknowledgement from your local/national chapter that you are in good standing and recognized by the organization.  If there is a charge or update throughout the semester you must notify Greek Affairs.

•   Bid Acceptance-Please provide a copy of those that have accepted bids and have signed their acceptance.

•   Event Registration-Register any events hosted by your organization online (excluding community service and philanthropy-use the appropriate online form for reporting this type of service).

If you have any questions about the above paperwork, please contact Daniel Hoover at, 575-3514, or stop by the RO 386/389 to set up an appointment.