Gartland Commons

gartland commons

Resident Director Chanel Vitale X3884 Office: GA D01
Resident Assistants Danielle Peluso D-Block
  Mary Babin E-Block
  Jordyn Seignious E-Block
  William Marcrie F-Block
  Francesca Astino G-Block

Gartland Commons Bedroom

Gartland Commons Living Room

Gartland Commons Kitchen

Gartland Layout pdffile

Meal Plans Available

  • 3 double occupancy bedrooms, a living room, and dining area/kitchen
  • Bathroom and shower facilities in each apartment
  • Units are completely furnished, including curtains
  • Odd numbered units are on ground level
  • Even numbered units are upstairs
  • Common laundry room available to residents
  • The minimum dining plan that students in Gartland can choose is the A la Carte dining plan.
  • Residents are responsible for their own cooking as well as the cleaning of the apartment
  • One full size refrigerator supplied by the college
  • Microwave permitted in kitchen area (.6 cubic ft. maximum)
  • Refrigerator allowed in bedroom (3.6 cubic feet maximum)
  • Dry residence facility with no alcohol permitted
  • Complex overlooks Hudson River
  • Easy access to athletic fields
  • Smoke free residence area

Also Available

  • Apartments F-5 and F-7 are handicapped accessible

Gartland Commons is located on the North End of Campus, near Fontaine Hall and the Bank Of New York. Each apartment houses 6 sophomore students in 3 double rooms. Gartland Commons has a shared bathroom for all 6 residents, a kitchen, and a common area.

Residents in this living arrangement have a shared laundry room for all 4 blocks of houses under the F block. Each block has an RA in charge of it and the entire community has one RD in charge.

The common areas of Gartland Commons come furnished with a couch, three chairs, two end tables, and a coffee table, as well as being equipped with an Ethernet jack and cable port. The kitchens of Gartland Commons come with a refrigerator, stove/oven, sink, cabinets, table, and enough chairs for each resident. The bathroom has an extra sink outside it, as well as the sink inside the bathroom, a lavatory, and shower.