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It is an exciting time to study English. Some of the questions you will find us pondering in the English Department at Marist include: What does it mean to be literate in the twenty-first century? What counts as a text today? What will books look like in the future? How has language changed over time and how will it continue to change? What happens when you set Dante to rap music or when Shakespeare goes digital? What kinds of writing and analysis skills will be needed in an increasingly technological, global workplace?

Whether you are interested in learning more about requirements for a major or minor in English or a certificate in secondary English education, are looking for information about the numerous ways faculty and students contribute to the vibrant culture of inquiry and creativity on campus via affiliated organizations, are curious about job opportunities or internships for English majors, or want to get the latest schedule of theatre performances, this is the place to start.


girls  The Theatre Program performs The Girls Next Door           



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Eight students present at Sigma Tau Delta convention

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Short-term and Summer Study Abroad Programs for 2014

2013-2014 Marist Theatre Program Season      

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