Andrea Serra '97

profile  By Alexis DePuyt '15 
  Andrea Serra is a 1997 Marist College graduate with double majors in
  English/Writing and Russian.  After eight years in the publishing industry
  she is now the Library Assistant for Electronic Resource sat Vassar College.

  Trying new things and conquering fears are just a few of the things Liberal Arts
  majors accomplish every day.  “I think the skills that I developed in my Liberal Arts
  studies stretched my mind in a way that allows me to see how I can contribute or
  make something better even if a project is foreign territory for me,” she says. 
  After graduating from Marist College, Andrea worked in the publishing industry. 
 Yet toward the end of eight years at her job she was ready to look for work closer to home in the Hudson Valley. 
 It was time for a career change. Some young professionals might have been worried about leaving a specific
 industry they knew well, but Andrea was prepared.  She remarks, “A Liberal Arts background makes you a
 nimble player in the workforce.  I've always had confidence that no matter what life throws at me, I could turn
 it into something good.”  When it came to switching into library science, Andrea wasn’t afraid of what lay ahead. 
 “Saying yes to various opportunities that have come along constantly tests my abilities and forces me to grow
 in ways I never imagined.”

 Andrea jumped into the library science field, ready to try something new. Currently, she works as the Library
 Assistant for Electronic Resources at Vassar College. In this role, Andrea works at the exciting intersection of
 print and digital texts. In this position, she frequently draws on what she learned in her English and Russian
 classes at Marist: “My Russian studies have been called into play more times than I could have imagined. I have
 been asked to catalog a few Russian items for our Archives and Special Collections and, when the library tackled
 a large reclassification project a few years ago, my knowledge of the language was very helpful. And my writing
 and editing skills are always being tested when I am called upon to proofread library publications.”   

 Commenting on her career path thus far, Andrea points out, “Not everything will turn out as you had planned. 
 Not everything should.” And she advises current students, “Stay true to yourself, but be open to the possibilities
 that life will likely hurl at you. You can still be authentically you when you're doing something out of your comfort
 zone. Often the richest experiences will come when you're stretching yourself to wrap your arms around
 something a little scary.”