Claire Mooney '14


 By Jessica Bain '16

 Claire Mooney graduated in 2014 with a major in Political Science,
 a minor in French, and her Paralegal Certificate. She is currently
 working as a paralegal at Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton LLP
 in New York City.

 “During the first few weeks at my job, everyone seemed a bit confused
 by various tasks and procedures,” Claire remembers from her first
 experiences with other entry-level paralegals. “My colleagues kept
 coming to me for advice and then asking me how I knew answers
 to their questions. I just kept saying, ‘Marist!’”

 Claire’s experiences studying Political Science, French, and Paralegal Studies have helped her in achieving skills she never
 expected. According to Claire, “The background I got from Marist set me way ahead because of the way I was able to converse
 with more senior paralegals and the lawyers assigning me tasks, which allowed me to feel more comfortable at work far more
 quickly.” Her experience interning in the United Kingdom Parliament with a member of the House of Lords also helped set her
 apart: “I learned what I was really capable of (never thought I’d be able to write speeches or help draft policy!) in a workplace
 that encouraged passion and growth.”

 The Paralegal program has proven very valuable during Claire’s transition from legal student to working paralegal. “Everything
 Professor Maciocia teaches in the Legal Writing and Research class is pretty essential. Also, our Civil Litigation teacher had
 us do timesheets, which was helpful to get used to doing.” Claire points out that getting to know the law from a professional
 standpoint in addition to an academic one provides a greater knowledge of the law, knowledge that is useful for future law
 school students. From her experience with her legal studies and career, Claire leaves potential students with this advice:
 “Pursue law with vigor and for passion, and don’t rush things.”