James Napoli '12

Napoli James Napoli completed majors in English and Spanish as well as
 minors in Latin American & Caribbean Studies and Global Studies.

 Q: What kind of work do you do now?

 I am an Account Manager in advertising at Grey Group in New York.

 Q: Which aspects of your Marist experience have proven most
 useful to your professional life?

 Honestly, all of them! Overall, the liberal arts faculty really pushes
 students to hone their writing and to apply critical thinking. I majored
 in English Literature and I have to say that sitting in a work meeting
 with your client firing questions at you is remarkably similar to sitting
 through many of my literature classes (looking at you Dr. Goldpaugh).
 I definitely think my literature classes gave me the tools to think on
 my feet and provide clients with the information they seek. As Class
 President and President of the Literary Arts Society, I learned invaluable management skills that I still use with my team today. Finally, thanks to my Spanish major and studying abroad in Spain, I’m able to help oversee my client’s Hispanic marketing.

Q: What advice would you have for students just starting out on their college careers?

Don’t shy away from the medieval classes- firstly, because they’re completely awesome and secondly, because I’ve personally scored some pretty sweet dates by reciting Chaucer in Middle English.