Marist College Center for Sports Communication

Co-Hosts March Madness Bracket Challenge to

Determine the Predictive Power of Human Swarms 

With the help of Unanimous A.I.’s swarm intelligence platform, the College will collect and analyze the accuracy of sports predictions made collectively by groups

POUGHKEEPSIE (March 10, 2016) – Swarm Intelligence technology developer Unanimous A.I. has partnered with the Marist College Center for Sports Communication to create Swarm Madness, a free contest for groups of people to use collective intelligence to predict the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  The results will be powered by an innovative software platform called UNU, which Unanimous A.I. developed to allow humans to use swarm intelligence and operate as a unified system, making more informed decisions. All data collected from the contest will then be studied by a team of researchers at the college who will determine how effective and precise human swarms are at predicting sporting events. Swarm Madness

Swarm Madness is open to anyone with a computer. Participants sign up as individuals and will be assigned to a group – or human swarm – to collectively make their picks. Groups of seven or more may sign up together and select their own time. The group that most accurately predicts the tournament will win $1000.

"We’ve seen the amazing power of UNU to predict everything from the Super Bowl and College Football playoffs and Bowl games to the Oscars, far outpacing ‘experts’ and individuals," said Unanimous A.I. Chief Information Officer David Baltaxe. "There’s no better way to further examine the predictive power of swarms than through the NCAA tournament, one of the most widely predicted sporting events in the country."

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The Marist College Center for Sports Communication is providing in-depth analysis of the data produced by the human swarms, with a focus on examining what makes a human swarm more effective and precise. Marist faculty members Keith Strudler and Ryan Rogers are leading Marist’s efforts in this partnership. Strudler, director of the Center believes this partnership will make important strides in using innovative technology in predicting sporting events.

Sports Comm logo"This project provides the ideal platform to examine the much discussed construct of collective intelligence around the massive social construct of spectator sports," said Strudler. "Just as importantly, this partnership is a perfect example of the potential of industry/academic partnerships and truly furthers the mission of the Center for Sports Communication and allows us to be involved with cutting edge software technology like UNU."

To participate in Swarm Madness, participants should register before midnight on Saturday, March 12. All swarms will be assigned to make selections for the tournament between Monday, March 14 and Wednesday, March 16.

For more information about Swarm Madness, visit You can also email David Baltaxe or Keith Strudler.


About Unanimous A.I.

Unanimous A.I. develops technologies for Collective Intelligence, allowing groups to combine their thoughts and feelings in real-time, to answer questions, make decisions, or just have fun. The technology aims to unlock the brainpower inherent in groups of all sizes, unleashing their combined wisdom and creativity, while fostering collaboration and community. Unlike traditional A.I., which aims to replace people with bits and bytes, Unanimous A.I.’s Collective Intelligence technologies keep people in the loop, leveraging human intuitions, emotions and sensibilities. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn. For more information, go to

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