A Thoughtful Application of Theory and Practice 

Marist's School of Social and Behavioral Sciences includes the Departments of Criminal Justice, Education, Psychology and Sociology and Social Work. Located in the heart of Marist's Poughkeepsie campus in the Dyson Building, our School offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Psychology with certification in Childhood Education grades 1-6, the Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Criminal Justice and Social Work,  and Master's degrees in Psychology, Education, Mental Health Counseling, and School Psychology 

Our Mission

Study in each of the School's undergraduate majors provides students with professional preparation for entry into fields of work associated with the major. Concurrently, students' learning prepares them for advanced study in career-oriented graduate programs.

The curriculum for each of the School's majors presents a highly integrated blend of the theoretical and applied aspects of the respective disciplines. This theoretical/applied integration is enhanced by significant internship experiences. Internships are designed for students to continue their learning in real work situations and to have the experience of making learning-based contributions to real problems in the work setting.

The School seeks to accomplish its mission by creating learning environments in which students are encouraged to develop their critical-thinking, problem-solving, self-reflective, self-management, and creativity skills. This occurs in the context of studying course content, learning the methodologies of the discipline, learning skills associated with the discipline, and engaging values/ethical issues presented by the discipline. Drawing upon knowledge gained from their broad-based Core/Liberal Arts curriculum, students work with faculty to integrate their professional and liberal arts studies. Faculty also seek to invigorate the learning environment through innovative uses of technology. Throughout the entire program students are given many opportunities to demonstrate progress in fulfilling the requirements of their major.

From a professional perspective, faculty facilitate students' internalization of the discipline's code of ethics. The School's professional focus is also enhanced by the availability of accelerated, combined Bachelor's/Master's on Degree programs for exceptional students in the Psychology and Childhood Education grades 1-6 and Special Education grades 1-6. These exceptional students begin to take graduate-level courses during their undergraduate program. Similarly, graduates from the School's Social Work major may receive advanced standing in MSW programs throughout the country with significant saving of credits at the graduate level. Students in the Criminal Justice major may begin study in the Master's/Public Administration Program, and earn an MPA with a concentration in Criminal Justice within one year after graduating with their Bachelor's Degree.