Department of Social Work and Sociology

The Marist College Social Work Program is dedicated to preparing generalist social work practitioners committed to promoting the   well-being of all people and their communities, through an integrated curriculum design grounded in the core values, ethics, and traditions of the profession and that provides the opportunity to master professional knowledge and skills. The Program fosters collaborative relationships with the diverse human services community in the Hudson River Valley to enrich student learning both in the classroom and in the field. The Program challenges faculty and students to become social work leaders in the development of a more just society locally and globally.

Located in the Mid-Hudson River Valley the College recruits traditional aged students from the greater urban/suburban areas of the eastern coast from Massachusetts to Virginia. In addition, the Program attracts adult students from the immediate community. Given the unique social/geographic location of the Program and the mix of student populations, the Program is committed to preparing students who understand social issues related to urban environments, particularly smaller cities surrounded by affluent suburbs. The Program identifies with an integrated perspective of private troubles and public issues. The Program is committed to providing a dynamic educational experience, which includes growth for faculty as well as students. The Program encourages faculty to model social work principles and to remain active in service to others.

Please click here to view pictures from various events with Social Work students and the Social Work Association from Fall 2014.

Program Handbook

Mission and Goals

Student Learning Outcomes

Definition of Generalist Practice and Social Work Competencies

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