Environmental Science Major Wins 2015 Fulbright

Genesis Abreu was awarded the 2015 Fulbright Scholarship to travel to Peru to study the problems Peruvians agriculture will face in changing climate. She was also awarded the Gilman to study in Costa Rica during the fall semester 2013.


“I am very thankful for this amazing opportunity I will soon embark on as a U.S Student Fulbright Grant recipient. My year in Cuzco, Peru will be divided between Quechua language study at the Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abab del Cuzco and fieldwork with the local organization, Asociacion ANDES. I will use the Fulbright grant in Peru to study how adaptive strategies in Peru’s Quechua communities are being implemented to confront the impacts of climate change on subsistence agriculture. I want to better understand how these communities are dealing with the challenges of climate change to agriculture, and how strategies from this region can be communicated on a global scale to assist other indigenous communities in Latin America and beyond which depend on agriculture for survival. To understand these challenges I will carry out an assessment of the local impacts of climate change on food and biocultural systems in Parque de la Papa.

My undergraduate career as an Environmental Science major with a concentration in Policy has proven to be one of a kind. Science plays a significant role in providing informed opinions to policymakers about the possible consequences of our inactions in dealing with environmental issues. With the help of this program I have been able to establish a solid foundation in these two fields, which I believe is beneficial when I continue my work as an environmentalist in Latin America. The Environmental Science Program at Marist takes an interdisciplinary approach, interconnecting laboratory sciences, social sciences, and the humanities to understand and attempt to solve some of the complex local and the global environmental problems. The professors in the Department have continued to challenge me to reach my potential by stimulating and cultivating my curiosity and critical thinking in environmental studies, which I believe has played an important role in realizing my passions and strengths in this field.” – Genesis Abreu