Name: Mr. Robert Balogh-Robinson
Title: Lecturer of Physics
Office Location: Donnelly 104B
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2242
Degrees Held:

M.A., SUNY-New Paltz (Physics)

B.S. SUNY Brockport (Physics)

A.S. Dutchess Community College (Chemistry)


NYS Certification in General Science and Physics, Chemistry (7-12) and Secondary Mathematics (7-12)


Detailed Employment History:


Marist College:

Physics Lecturer. 1997-Present. During my time at Marist I have taught General Physics I and II with lab, a traditional Calculus based Physics sequence. I developed a Modern Physics course, and a two semester sequence of Algebra based Physics for biology and health science majors. I have overseen the modernization of the Physics lab and have developed labs that take advantage of advances in teaching technology. I currently function as a lab facilitator for Physics Labs, preparing labs and communicating them to our part-time faculty. I also have taught a Physics of Modern Technology course and I am currently teaching Introduction to Cosmology  for non-science majors. I have also taught the capping course for our department Science, Medicine and Ethics, I served as Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Physics for 7 years, on the Core liberal Studies, Curriculum and Technology Advisory committees. I was actively involved with the Science on the Move program first as a faculty resource person and later as coordinator.

Pawling High School:

Physics, Chemistry and 8th Grade Science Teacher. 1996-97 Taught 5 classes and 4 labs and developed a working lab program with little funding. I also participated on a committee on combined Math, Science and Technology cirriculum, and attended a 2 week training session on Teachers Teaching with Technology.

                       Dutchess Community College:

                              Adjunct Instructor,  Mathematics, Physical and Computer Sciences Department  1993 - 99.  Beginning in the Summer 1993 session I taught General Physics,  Stellar Astronomy, College Algebra and Solar System Astronomy. I was responsible for both the lecture and lab component of whatever course I taught. I have developed and/or modified many of the activities I use.

Adjunct Instructor Office of Community Services,  1993 -94. I have taught a variety  of credit free computer classes.

Teaching Laboratory Assistant, Academic Resource Center, 1993. My duties included giving software workshops, training and supervising Computer Lab Student Aides, monitoring the Computer Lab and providing help for users, keeping records and helping prepare reports, ordering supplies, and other tasks as needed.

PACE Program Math / Science Tutor, 1989 - 92.  I was one of the original tutors that developed the tutoring component of the program. In addition to providing assistance in subject matter I helped prepare reports for the state, register new students, prepare plans of study and other general duties as needed. I also worked as a tutor for the C-STEP program from the Fall of 91 through March 92.


                       Ulster County Community College:

                              Adjunct Instructor. Physical Sciences Department: 1995-96. I taught day sections of Engineering Physics III and IV with lab. I developed lab programs for both courses. I used a lab before lecture approach to develop concepts through empirical methods and to give students a common experience base to promote active learning. I also incorporated informal and formal writing assignments to promote communication skills in technical writing.


Ulster County BOCES:

Instructor, Adult Education: 1995.  I was the lead instructor for an experimental program in context based skills education. My tasks included developing the course and all related materials, training college students to teach our course in small groups, and teaching a group of students in a conventional classroom as a control group. The purpose of our experiment was to determine the comparative cost-effectiveness of minimally trained students teaching in small groups compared to an experienced teacher with a large group.


Marist College, 1992.

Learning Lab Administrator. I was the third shift administrator for a joint Marist / IBM computer learning center experiment for Manufacturing Division employees. My duties included orienting students to the computer based learning system, and assisting students with all academic areas.


                       New Paltz Central High School, 1987 - 88.

Teacher. I taught primarily Physics classes, along with some General Earth Science and a combined Math / Science RCT review Course which I developed.


                       East Islip Central High School, 1985 - 1987.

Teacher. I taught Honors and Regents Physics, Physical Science, Psychology and a Practical Science course I helped to develop.


Additional Employment:

While finishing my Master's Degree and searching for a regular full time position, I have also held a variety of other part-time or short term jobs. I taught one section of AP Calculus for Dutchess County BOCES in 90-91. I was a Substitute Teacher for the Arlington and Wappingers School Districts. I worked one summer as a Math Teacher for the Rhinebeck Country School. I was on a summer project for Ulster County BOCES developing materials for RCT review.

Professional Activity

I am a member of the state and national sections of the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Physical Society. I am on the Executive Board of the NYSS of AAPT and am a past Secretary Treasurer. I hosted one state meeting and I am currently working on a second. I co-lead a workshop on Using Video in Introductory Physics Labs and gave two talks (Using Computational Methods in Introductory Physics and Another Paradox of the Twins) a at state meetings and gave a short version of Another Paradox of the Twins at the 2006 National Meeting of AAPT. I have presented a poster at a Gordon Research conference. I have attended weeklong NSF training workshops on Activity Based Physics and a Live Photo Workshop. I have also attended NCSI (National Computer Science Institute) workshops of Teaching Computational Thinking and Kinder, Gentler Supercomputing: Using HPC Resources and Visualization Tools. I also regularly attend professional meetings geared towards Physics Education.


Educational History:

Masters of Arts Degree, Physics Major. SUNY New Paltz  August 1992. My studies covered a full range of Physics topics, including Astro-Physics, Classical and Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Electro-Dynamics, and Mathematical and Computer Methods. I graduated with a 3.66 GPA in Physics courses. In addition I took 12 credits of education courses.


Bachelors of Science Degree in Physics. SUNY Brockport May 1984. In addition to a solid foundation in Physics I also developed computer skills and took a diverse selection of optional courses including Psychology,  Mathematics and Humanities. Overall I had a 3.0 average at graduation.


Associates of Science, Chemistry Major. Dutchess  Community College. May 1981

Research Interests:

Instrumentation and computer interfacing.

Computational Physics

Physcis Education Research


American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT National)

American Phsyical Society (APS National)

New York State Section AAPT (Executive Board)

NYSS and New England Sections APS

APS Forums on Education and Physics and Society

PICUP - Integrating Computation into Undergraduate Physics Education


Center for Lifetime Learning - Nature of Science, Nuclear Energy

AAPT Another Paradox of the Twins, Using Computational Methods in Introductory Physics Classes

GRC and AAPT Poster Presentation Using a Research Model Model in an Introductory Physics Lab