Tutoring Rules

Academic Learning Center
Tutoring Agreement

In order to ensure complete understanding concerning tutoring, this form will be read and signed by the student and the Coordinator.  This form will be kept on file in the Academic Learning Center.  A copy of this form is included in the tutor training handbook and is reviewed at the tutor training sessions.  This is a general policy to provide guidelines for a successful tutoring experience.

1.  There is a fee for tutoring that must be paid directly to the tutor.  If the student is enrolled in any on campus program that provides financial support for tutoring, please notify the Tutor Coordinator. 

2.  The student and the tutor should set up an agreed upon time and place for a weekly tutoring session.  If the student or the tutor cannot make a scheduled session, they must notify the other party immediately and re-schedule the session.

3.  It is the responsibility of the student to know the class assignments and test schedule in advance.

4.  Last minute, unscheduled tutoring requests are honored only at the discretion of the tutor.

5.  The tutor is required to wait for a student only 15 minutes past the scheduled meeting time.

6.  If a student or a tutor misses more than 2 scheduled sessions, the Coordinator should be notified so that other arrangements can be made.

7.  Tutoring does not take the place of class attendance.  If a student is not attending classes regularly, the tutor may terminate the tutoring arrangement with the permission of the Coordinator.

8.  Tutors are forbidden to do assignments for their students.

9.  If for any reason the tutoring arrangement is not working out for either the tutor or the student, the Coordinator should be notified so that the situation can be remedied.

10.  The tutor may not discuss specific details of the tutoring situations with other tutors, students or any teacher without the student’s written permission and notification of the Coordinator.  All students have the right to confidentiality.

11.  Tutors are not held responsible for student’s grades.  Grades are the responsibility of each individual student.