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Academic Learning Center

The Academic Learning Center's Mission is to provide academic support to Marist students, both undergraduate and graduate, and to support faculty in their work with students. This is accomplished through our courses, tutoring programs, proofreading services and academic counseling. The overall goal of these activities is the success and retention of our students and to develop the intellect, character, and skills required for enlightened, ethical, and productive lives in the global community of the 21st century.

For more information on the Academic Learning Center and it's Programs, Services, and Courses please refer to either the student or faculty/advisor tab on your account website or join the Academic Learning Center website on

Programs and Services

FOCUS Program:  This is a year-long academically based freshman program. FOCUS provides resources and information for first year students to assist them in making a successful transition from high school to college, and in making informed choices about their course of study and future career options. (3 Credits in the Fall and 1 Credit in the Spring)

Private Tutoring:  The Academic Learning Center trains and assigns peer tutors for students in need of individualized academic course support.  For more information about tutoring at Marist and to find a tutoring request form, go to and log in using your Marist account and password.  

Academic Review and Drop-In Sessions:  The Academic Learning Center sponsors review and drop-in sessions in various subjects for students in need of help.

Academic Learning Center Brightspace Site:  Join to get information on Time-Management, Study Skills, Note-taking, Citation formats, Stress Management, and More!


Proofreading:  The goal of the proofreading program is to provide free proofreading services to the Marist Community. This is accomplished through staffed proofreading hours In-person and through our online proofreading service. Trained writing tutors will review student papers on-line through Brightspace.

  • In-Person Proofreading is available Monday through Friday 11:30 am to 1:30 pm in LB 331 and Monday through Friday 7:00 pm to 9pm in LB 3rd floor lounge by Career Services.
  • On-Line Proofreading: Go to and log into Brightspace using your Marist account and password

Majors Fair:  This annual event brings together representatives from all majors offered at Marist College. Students are given the opportunity to speak with Deans, faculty, and upperclassmen in their major areas of interest.

Major/Minor Booklet:  This publication is updated yearly to reflect the latest information on the majors, minors, concentrations and certificate programs offered at Marist.


Critical Reading and Thinking:  This course is designed to develop the critical and inferential reading skills required in all college work. Using college-level reading materials in various genres and disciplines, the student will practice principles of analysis as well as comprehension of content. (1 credit)

Intermediate Writing for College:  This course is specifically designed to prepare the student to do well in Writing for College.  Activities will consist of exercises in the mechanics of writing, as well as basic organization of different types of college level-essays.  Reading and vocabulary skills will also be a part of the instruction.  Students will be taught Information Literacy and Presentation skills.  Students are placed into this course based on writing scores on standard college entrance examinations. (3 credits)

Self-Development:  Exposes students to a practical self-management model that enables them to increase academic and personal achievement in a college environment. (3 credits, offered every semester)

Career Planning and Decision Making:  This course helps students identify and discover career-related skills, interests, personality styles, and possible career paths related to majors at Marist in order to help the student focus on career plans. (1 credit)

The College Experience:  This course was designed to address the needs of freshmen by exploring: transition issues, information on schools, majors and minors, the Core, time management, study skills and stress management, social responsibility, relationships, physical and mental help, money management, multiculturalism. (1 credit, fall only)

Transfer Seminars:  This course will address the unique needs of the Marist transfer student.  The course will include the common reading for freshmen students and FYS workshops on information literacy, presentation skills, and critical thinking.  Other topics covered will include transition issues, information on schools, majors, minors, the Core, Pathways, etc.  The students will become familiar with web-based registration, student support services, information on the Center for Career Services, Student Financial Services, and student organizations. (1 credit)

High School Programs

The Academic Learning Center coordinates three programs for current high school students.

The Bridge Program allows a high school senior to take 12 credits at the Marist campus at half tuition. 

Our High School 1 Program allows high school students the opportunity to take one course at Marist College for $125/credit.

The School/College Program allows students to take courses at their local high schools for Marist credit for $100/credit.  These courses are taught by high school faculty who have been vetted and approved by Marist College.  A high school must be part of this program in order for students to take these courses.

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