Freshman Students

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Who is a freshman student?

You are considered a freshman for admission and scholarship purposes if you have not enrolled in college course work after high school completion, regardless of the number of college credits earned while in high school

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The Thirteen Best Scary Movies On Netflix

With Halloween fast-approaching, you’re probably in the mood for a good scary movie. And as every college student knows, when it comes to movies, Netflix is the almighty savior. So gather around your dorm-sized television, turn out the lights and make some popcorn—preferably without setting off your dorm’s fire alarms—because these are the thirteen best…

Written by Alexa Abrams, edited by Cristina Lupo. Pumpkins are one of the most popular fruits in the fall (Yes. It’s a fruit).  It decorates every home for Halloween and then makes every dessert imaginable for Thanksgiving.  Since it is a fruit, I can justify eating every single dessert made with pumpkin for an entire…
This Year, Step Up Your Costume Game

Pumpkins, fake blood and candy, oh my! It’s hard to believe were talking Halloween already. Although we all have our favorite childhood memories of late-night candy binges with friends, let’s all stop and take a minute to remember what Halloween is really about – the costumes! We all love Halloween because we can dress up like…

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