Jazmine Manning

Admission Counselor


Educational Background: 

BA, Psychology, Marist College ‘22 

What were you involved with on campus as a student? 

On campus I was involved in: 

  • Student Ambassador club (Ambassador, Tour Guide, Student Assistant) 
  • First Year Programs (Orientation leader, Peer Mentor) 
  • Black Student Union 
  • Intramural Sports (Volleyball, Flag Football) 
  • Department of Spiritual Life and Service, formerly Campus Ministry (Community Service Program) 

Favorite spot on campus: 
My favorite spot on campus is the third floor of the Murray Student Center. As a freshman I would sit up there for hours with my friends after class and at night. It was a great place for us to meet up and do homework, watch a show, listen to music, and meet other students. 

Favorite Marist tradition: 
My favorite Marist tradition would have to be the giving tree that is run by Campus Ministry. I have participated in the giving tree all my years at Marist and was always overjoyed to see families from the community receive their gifts. It was always a great hallmark of the holiday season for me. 

Favorite Marist memory: 
My favorite Marist memory was freshman year when I went on a hiking trip with a girl I had met in the dining hall the week before. First Year Programs was running the event and she invited me to go. At first, I was very nervous because I am not a hiker at all, I barely go outside, and I was nervous to be around so many new people. I decided to go on the trip, and I had the best time. I was glad I not only experienced hiking, but I made a new friend. 

Best advice for the college search: 
My best advice for the college search would be to make a pros and cons list of what you want versus what you need as a student. I received this advice as a senior in high school and I always look back and wish I took that advice. As a senior in high school, it is very easy to have rose colored glasses and get overwhelmed with searching, visiting, and applying. I always say if you make a good decision, it could be the right one. 

Why did you choose Marist? 
I have a unique reasoning why I chose Marist. Originally, I chose Marist as my top school because the class sizes were perfect, I enjoyed the campus when I toured, and every program I was interested in was offered here, but I thought it was too close to home. I was torn between going to a big institution father away or coming to Marist closer to home. I had rose colored 
glasses at one point and did not sperate what I wanted and needed as a student. I ended up going to a different institution in the fall, and it was a big regret. I called Marist while still at the other institution begging to come back, and the rest is history. 

What makes Marist special to you? 
The people here are what makes Marist special. Everyone has a great sense of community and the strive to help others. I always felt at home while I was here as a student and will always remember that.

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