Is an MBA in Finance Worth It?

Is Earning Your Graduate Degree in Financial Management Worth the Money?

Is an MBA in Finance Worth It?If there’s one-thing Finance majors understand it’s a cost benefit analysis. When it comes to earning your Master’s Degree in Financial Management, the cost may seem prohibitive to some, but the benefits are seemingly endless. In this often-lucrative world, an MBA can make all the difference between having a good job and having a great career.

Marist College’s Financial Management Master’s Degree Concentration is perfect for financial graduate school students looking to gain a comprehensive knowledge of today’s financial industry. In the MBA Financial Management Concentration, students learn the three pillars of Finance and their relationships within the financial sector. They also learn the skills of financial management and how to apply finance theory to successfully manage and value companies.

The Marist College Financial Management MBA Degree

The MBA Financial Management Concentration features four main courses: Corporate Financial Theory and Practice, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Markets and Institutions, Investment Analysis and Theory. Each course is designed to give students an intricate working knowledge of the corporate financial world, with special attention paid to things like valuation techniques, analysis, investment fundamentals, forecasting, monetary policy, and foreign and domestic markets.

The skills learned through the MBA Financial Management Concentration are highly sought after by today’s employers, who are searching through a larger pool of candidates than ever before. This glut of job candidates comes at a time when most financial institutions are seeking to regain their footing after the recession of 2008. Those with advanced degrees in Financial Management will gain a major advantage over other job seekers in the industry. That’s why we can say without reservation that earning an MBA in Finance is absolutely worth the time and money.

On top of the inherent benefits that come with earning an advanced degree in Financial Management, there are many benefits from earning your degree through Marist that make earning your Master’s Degree in Financial Management worth the money. The Financial Management MBA is taught 100% online, meaning it’s completely flexible towards your schedule. You get the same education as if the classes were taught on-campus, but from the comfort of your own home.

Due to Marist’s proximity with New York City, we are able to attract some of the best faculty in the nation. You’ll be taught by leaders from within the financial industry, with many years of experience to cull from.

All of this adds up to an advanced degree that will prove invaluable when charting your course for career success. Call Marist today and speak to a counselor about earning an MBA in Financial Management.  

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